Great question. We talked with Anand Rajagopal to get his perspective. Here’s what he had to say:

“The real cost of AI, in construction and otherwise, is actually in data. You pay for additional AI augmented functionality by allowing others to see/use data you create. The cost of the technology itself is very ephemeral and will probably be “free” by 2025. However, data isn’t and won’t be. And interestingly, it’s not that all data can be used to derive this value. In fact, the majority of data out there is not useful for several reasons — it’s not clean, standardized, tracked well, and so on. This is also a big challenge in making it accessible. And it is much harder to expect digitization and standardized data management across developing countries. There’s a cost and value to improving data management by itself. Also, AI is a fairly broad term, so a lot of this is in the context of what we mostly describe in the article.”

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