By Sam Lucido for Autodesk University

Whether you’re a CAD drafter, CAD designer, or CAD manager, I bet it’s safe to say you’ve heard the words, “You have to follow the company standards!” What if there was an easy way to help guide you along; a way to help you get comfortable with a new release of software or comply with a new set of rules that have been put in place. The CAD Standards Manager in AutoCAD has been around since release 9, but in my experience, is rarely used. …

By Rana Zeitouny and Majd Makhlouf for Autodesk University

Using our daily office routines, we must accomplish many repetitive and time-consuming tasks to meet client requirements and international standards. Some of these tasks are easy to automate; others seem limited by desktop resources or require human intervention. With the evolution of machine learning and the introduction of the Forge Design Automation API, EMDC Group was able to automate some of those processes, thus saving tremendous amounts of time and improving team efficiency. …

By Raquel Bascones Recio and Paolo Serra for Autodesk University

Generative design, machine learning, algorithm, neural network — these terms flood social media and technical forums. But don’t worry — there is no need to hold a degree in computer science or to work on the most innovative projects in order to optimize your workflows using Dynamo software and Generative Design in Revit software. This article will show you how to take your automations to the next level, where you set the rules and select the end solution among the fittest results. We will review the key concepts that you…

By Dr. Joseph Louis, Ankur Podder, and Colby Swanson for Autodesk University

Construction in the United States has long been a profitable industry with little meaningful innovation over the last 100 years with the intention to increase the speed, and lower the cost, to build. Growing labor and supply chain challenges, as well as the overwhelming need to build better buildings has provided an opportunity for industrialized construction to gain a greater portion of the market share. …

By Jowenn Lua for Autodesk University

Civil 3D Toolkit is a package created inside Dynamo for Civil 3D (D4C3D). Dynamo is a visual programming application that can automate tasks in Civil 3D. It is an open sourced graphical tool for design and documentation. It is a visual interface used to create logical flow of routines and used to manipulate data and generate geometry. Civil 3D Toolkit was developed to supplement the out-of-the-box nodes and provided enhancement capability that is not available in the current version. This article explains how to leverage Civil 3D Toolkit in solving basic to complex Dynamo…

By Jeff Strater and Phil Eichmiller for Autodesk University

Even the best Fusion 360 designers sometimes end up with errors and warnings in their designs. Those errors and warnings are there for a reason. The purpose of this article is to help you fix your Fusion 360 design when it breaks, and how to prevent those errors from occurring in the first place.

We’ll explore the tools and techniques that are available in Fusion to help you repair a wide variety of Fusion errors and warnings that can happen when working with a design. We’ll show you enough of the…

By Shuaib Yunos for Autodesk University

An Overview of the Refined Scan-to-BIM Workflow

The refined scan-to-BIM workflow incorporates laser scanning, point cloud extraction technology, and BIM intelligent tools to further automate the modeling process and provide realistic visualization to convey design intent. This workflow can be applied across Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) and Product Design and Manufacturing (PDM) industries, with this article demonstrating its application to remodel and space plan an office, with an overview of the process summarized below.


A laser scanner had been used to capture the as-built state of the office in order to derive dimensions and available area. The laser scanner used…

By Tadeh Hakopian for Autodesk University

Dynamo for a long time has been the go-to tool of Revit users to quickly script solutions to time-consuming routine problems. However, there is much more that Dynamo can do beyond scripting. There is a whole world to explore with packages and integrations which you may not be aware of. See what is possible with AI, geometry manipulation, coding, generative design in Autodesk software, and document updates, as well as accessing web APIs with Dynamo. If you think you know Dynamo, then you’ve only scratched the surface. …

By Maria Montgomery and Jason Diamond for Autodesk University

Courtesy of BNIM.

In Six Revit File Mistakes and How to Fix Them, we explain that a healthy Revit model is important for saving time, maintaining consistency, and facilitating teamwork. In this sequel article, we’re featuring six more Revit file mistakes and how to fix them. Let’s dive in.

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1. Do Not Let Warnings Accumulate


Excessive amount of warnings will increase open and save times. At some point, the file will become corrupt.


  • To streamline the process of resolving warnings, set keyboard shortcuts for Review Warnings (RW) and Select by…

By Olivier Lepinoy for Autodesk University

Digital transformation is more important than ever. Data and analytics change how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms operate. But some changes are invisible to the eye: transformation of business models. To avoid commoditization, some companies are moving fast to adopt digital platforms to run their business. They add new services to their existing portfolio and they build new partnerships. We see the emergence of new roles (chief data officer, chief digital officer, chief transformation officer, chief analytics officer, chief partnership officer), new activities (that focus on data capture and usage), and new tools…

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